At Inspire Performing Arts the safety of the children, families and staff is our top priority. Below are the measures we are putting in place to keep everyone safe.

Class capacities

We are limiting the class sizes to up to 15. This depends on the venue and their guidelines. 

Social distancing

Children and staff to stay atleast 2 metres apart at all times. Children will have their own area within the class to ensure social distancing is carried out for the duration of the class.

Cleaning and


All children and staff to sanitise before and after each class. Staff will also clean any surfaces touched (toilets, door handles etc) with anti bacterial spray or wipes.

Following guidelines, windows and doors will be kept open for the duration of the class to ensure ample ventilation.

Drop up and 

pick ups

Parent/carer are asked to queue outside of all venues when dropping off or picking up children.

There may be one door for entry and a different for exit depending on venue.

Please ensure social distancing is adhered to whilst queuing. 


Children are asked to 
bring their own water 
bottle as no water will
be able to be provided.
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